Snow tha Product – Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2


#Snow tha Product offers us 22 quality tracks for free on Good Nights and Bad Mornings 2 and is available for download below. You can also use the youtube player below the download link.  She is not just another pretty face.

On this free album she collaborates with some hip-hop moguls such as Tech N9ne and Dizzy Wright.  This album is complete with a nice introduction to the album.  She has a fast delivery and sets the bar high for emcees in general.  It’s good to hear a talented female rapper these days, and she is one of the best out there.

There are a few other features by people I am not familiar with, but really have caught my attention as talented as well.  Check them all out on this album, and keep tuned for #Snow tha Product.


Download Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover for free here:

T-Zank – Hungry featuring Stevie Stone

Authority of the SoulFrizz produced this song.  This track is on the album Authority of the Soul.  T-Zank and Stevie Stone really put it down on this banger.  They’re really on their grind.  I love the lyrical rhythms T-Zank puts on in the first verse.

While listening to the warm-lows of the vocal recordsings I thought this song really has a Strange Music vibe to it, and no wonder because it turns out Strange Music is linked to the track stating that Authority of the Soul will be available for free download February 26  That’s something to look forward to from this artist.

Welcome Skimp Killah

Skimp Killah

Since 2001, Skimp Killah has been bringing his one of a kind personality to the records he makes. His music is both hilarious and tragic, incredibly offensive to most tastes and at the same time, deeply personal. It is safe to say there will never be another Skimp Killah, and while he wears his influences on his sleeve, it would be a vast misstatement to say Skimp Killah is even remotely derivative. With a fanbase that could best be described as a cult of personality, #Skimp brings an aura to the music he makes that is entirely his own.

As a youth, Skimp Killah cut his teeth in such groups such as WWA (Wiggas With Attitudes), and MOD (Masters of Dank), where he quickly became known throughout the Colorado rap scene as one of its funniest and most approachable characters. In the years since, he’s performed with nearly everyone who is anyone, released numerous albums and mixtapes, And in 2007, he founded Spruce Goose Records. He is a member of the almighty Magnificent Wingspan crew as well as MOD, and as he will remind you repeatedly, he is destined to one day be a very rich man from all of this.

Skimp Killah’s most recent album, “The Almighty Dollar” has sold very well and has recieved widespread airplay both on satellite and conventional radio. Look for his song, “Dive Bar” with Aaron Brookdale on a station near you.

Hopsin – Knock Madness

HopsinHopsin is a talented rapper, and when I say that it really shines through on Knock Madness that is a total understatement.  The verses he delivers you can hear his mastery of music, and the art of wording.  His rhymes really flow, are funny, and witty.  His vocals are warm, catchy, sound amazing, and his beats keep the whole album live and moving.  Knock Madness stands out as a work that should go down in history as one of the best hip-hop albums of all time.

A couple tracks that really exemplify the heart of hip-hop and seal my opinions of him are Lunch Time Cypher, Hip-hop Sinister, Bad Manners Freestyle, and Nollie Tre Flip.  The whole album is great, and I encourage you to listen to it from Hopsin’s youtube account playlist below.

Mane Rok – Stay Tuned

Mane Rok - Stay TunedProps goes out to Mane Rok on the vocals.  This is some raw underground hip-hop right here.  This is one of those albums that really drives home some political points regarding America and society.

Listen to the whole joint from beginning to end.  There’s some awesome samples and scratching not to mention the rapping is dope.


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