All Points Beyond – 2OvercomeBecome

APB - 00 - 2overcomebecome_front2OvercomeBecome was released in 2007.  That’s 6 years ago.  This oldie but goodie is a classic album that still sets the standard on underground hip-hop with 14 tracks you’re sure to love.The tracklist is down below and so is the link to get the music.

The music and lyrics never get old which is something I can rarely say about music these days.  It’s ethereal the way All Points Beyond puts his words together.  This is trippy stuff that you could really spend the day listening to to get you in the right zone as it creates an oriental atmosphere by the instruments and the way they’re used.  It’s only appropriate as he incorporates Kung Fu movie samples and lyrics about feeling like a Samurai.

Improv is featured on two tracks, Zank, is featured on one, Timothy Mission is featured on one, and there is one beat by the hip-hop producer Ulliversal (who is from Germany).  Best of all, all five are on the same track called Grit.

  1. A State of Nature
  2. Conceivable Concepts
  3. Wonder Why ft. Improv
  4. I Samurai
  5. Can’t Think Of The Words
  6. On The Surface Of Sensi-Star
  7. Swear On Your Life
  8. Rules For Radicals
  9. Hit The Wall
  10. Strange Trip
  11. Grit ft. Improv, Zank, & Timothy Mission (beat by Ulliversal)
  12. My Conspiracy
  13. Seconds of Silence
  14. Lost

Price: $10.00

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