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allpointsbeyondAllPointsBeyond (formerly known as Mad Dragon, or Emdee), is a Colorado based emcee who first made a name with the revolutionary / trancendentalist hip hop crew, Phunny Pharm in 2002. Phunny Pharm quickly became known as a household name for its unabashed non-conformity in regaurds to its approach to hip-hop. Their stage shows were intense riviting performances, often incorporating live graffiti art with a heavy influence of Jackson Pollack, as well as others. PHunny Pharm also made a grand attempt to touch on concepts, ideas and sounds that had not yet been used in hip-hop, all while maintaining an undeniably head nodding pop sensibility. As a member of the group, he performed with numerous favorites in the world of independent hip-hop, including Murs, The Ghosts of Verona, Defari, Zion I, 2Mex, Pep Love, Black Pegasus, Immortal Dominion, LMNO, and many more. By 2005, Phunny Pharm had become an increasingly popular entity as it found widespread success on college radio, and eventually the group released two full length LP’s. In 2007, AllPointsBeyond released his first solo effort, dubbed, 2Overcome,Become, an unapologetically intellectual record ostensibly in homage to his grandfather. Although the album recieved little in the way of promotion, it was widely seen as one of the better independent albums of 2007. Later in 2007, AllPointsBeyond co-founded the hip-hop super group, Magnificent Wingspan, with Doctor Oscify, Dj Deadbeat Dominic and Skimp Killah. AllPointsBeyond is currently in the studio recording his second solo album, entitled, “Poetry is Dead”, slated for release in Fall 2008. Lyrically, AllPointsBeyond has few, if any equals. He is well versed in the nature of technical rhyme and is a notoriously skilled 12 string guitar player. With a voice that is immediately recognizable for its raspy, solidly theatrical, and gravitational effect on his listener, he brings a fractal-like rhythm to his work which is imminently listenable. Most notable, however is the content of his authorship. Weaving personal narratives, conflicts, attitudes, and experiences with a vast literary knowledge with heavy emphasis on existential philosophical thought, AllPointsBeyond creates poetic landscapes that feel nearly anachronistic in their stark descriptions and story telling crispness. AllPointsBeyond brings qualities to his writings that would seem entirely at home among 19th century poetry and prose, yet his presentation is a blisteringly emotional hip-hop format. He is also the single favorite emcee of Skimp Killah, Doctor Oscify, & Sono (Phunny Pharm) to name a few.

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