Hopsin – Knock Madness

HopsinHopsin is a talented rapper, and when I say that it really shines through on Knock Madness that is a total understatement.  The verses he delivers you can hear his mastery of music, and the art of wording.  His rhymes really flow, are funny, and witty.  His vocals are warm, catchy, sound amazing, and his beats keep the whole album live and moving.  Knock Madness stands out as a work that should go down in history as one of the best hip-hop albums of all time.

A couple tracks that really exemplify the heart of hip-hop and seal my opinions of him are Lunch Time Cypher, Hip-hop Sinister, Bad Manners Freestyle, and Nollie Tre Flip.  The whole album is great, and I encourage you to listen to it from Hopsin’s youtube account playlist below.

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